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Buy all the items you want with the symbol and receive them home for only $ 8.95

Buy all the items you want with the symbol and receive them home for only $ 8.95

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Inspiration can be anywhere, but here you'll find it for sure. Come in and get inspired with the new collections and discover all the ideas that we've prepared for your home. Inspiration at its best only one click away.

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This is your space, the place where we'll publish your best photos, your IKEA moments at home, that magical corner you want to show off. Come in and share your inspiration with us.

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3D inspiration

For a more beautiful world

Make a 3D visit to a unique space where sofas are more comfortable, cushions are softer and the light is more beautiful. Go ahead, move as if you were there, or sit comfortably.

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We did it again, we lowered the price of many items again, and of course, without lowering the quality. When you see this red label it's because the flat packages, the functional design and the recyclable materials have helped us to achieve quality, functionality and a reasonable price. Enjoy it!

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IKEA 2020 catalogues

La inspiración, las novedades, las colecciones de edición limitada y las mejores ofertas caben dentro de nuestro surtido de catálogos IKEA. Puedes encontrarlos todos en tu tienda IKEA, o puedes verlos aquí, cómodamente sentado desde casa. Haz click y descubre un mundo lleno de nuevas ideas para tu hogar.

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We make it easy! You can now finance your purchases at IKEA with Firstbank, interests-free! Enjoy the lower prices, while you pay all of your purchases with the FirstBank Beyond® credit card and in the easiest way for you, it's possible!

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We're kitchen experts

Our team of specialists will help you plan, design and install your kitchen from the beginning to the last detail. Professional solutions that match your space, your ideas and also you budget. Can we help you?

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Secure it! For a safer home

We want you to enjoy a better everyday at home, and we are committed with home safety. That's why we're going to give you a series of practical tips on how to secure furniture to the wall using the restraints and the correct tools. This way we'll prevent tippings and accidents, and we'll live safer, we'll live better.

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IKEA Smart Lighting

Light is important for feeling good at home. And now, with IKEA’s Smart Lighting, you can control it with just the touch of a button. Find the perfect light for each moment. Control the intensity, the temperature and the lighting of up to 10 LED lights with just one remote control. Light as you've never seen it before.

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