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Kitchen services

We advise you anywhere you want

Our kitchen specialists help you obtain your dream kitchen. For that, you can visit us at your IKEA store or make a home appointment.

Specialists at your IKEA store

Come to your IKEA store or Point, our specialists will help you plan your kitchen.

Where we are

Measurement service

In order to install your kitchen it’s important to take measures. Consider the walls, windows, doors, angles of the walls, the detail of the place where the plugs are found, drainage, plumbing and ventilation.

Contract the measuring service if you need help

Delivery service

With our home delivery service you just have to worry about deciding which kitchen adapts best to your needs.

Check the rates by zone and amount of purchase in the following link.

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Kitchen assembly and installation

If you already have everything decided, we can help you with the assembling and installation of your kitchen so that you can save your valuable time.

Service description

  • Assembly and installation for upper and lower furniture, legs, hinges, doors and drawers.
  • Installation and connection of IKEA appliances. Except island extractor hoods that are charged separately.
  • Installation of IKEA sinks, taps and siphons.
  • Installation of IKEA wooden worktops, sink and hob cuttings are included.
  • Assembling and installation of illumination systems of IKEA kitchens.
  • Installation of side panels, handles and all interior accessories (shelves, baskets, etc.)
  • We take away all the boxes (unless you want to keep them).

From $3,33 pulgada lineal, mínimo $165.

The calculation of the linear inch will take into account the inches of the lower cabinets.

The price of the linear inch will be excluded and will be charged separately: made-to-measure bottle racks, trays, heater furniture, decorative hoods and dismantling of the old kitchen.

We don't do masonry works, plumbing or decoration.


Kitchens that adapt to any space

Download the KITCHENS CATALOGUE 2020 in pdf