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Online payment options

Pay using the most comfortable way for you. We offer all online payment options with the highest market security.

Remember that if you are the cardholder of an IKEA FAMILY card you will get additional discounts and many more advantages.

Tienes 2 opciones de pago

  1. CARD payment

    This option allows you to close the online shopping process, for this we use an Dynamics payment server in order to ensure that all transactions will be carried out under a secure connection. You will be able to pay your purchases with the credit or debit card you wish, Visa, MasterCard, ATH.

  2. DIRECT payment or through IKEA Contact Center staff

    Por teléfono: En este caso nuestro departamento de IKEA Contact Center se pondrá en contacto contigo para formalizar la compra y coordinar la entrega e informarte de la situación del pedido. Para más información puedes contactar con nuestro servicio de IKEA Contact Center en la dirección correo electrónico

    All transactions are carried out under a secure connection that guarantees confidentiality of all your data.