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Do you need extra help?

If you need help to finance your dreams, or if you just need a helping hand for assembling it.

Delivery service

The majority of our items are packaged flat to facilitate transportation and for you to be able to take them home easily. If you prefer that someone delivers your purchase to your home, we provide you with a home delivery service.

Check the rates of our transport service.

External service not provided by IKEA.

Parcel service

Buy all the items you want with the symbol and receive them home for only $ 8.95

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Measurement service

If you need help, contact the specialist of your IKEA furniture store, that visits your home to give some solutions adapted to your space and budget.

Assembbly service

Our products are designed to be assembled by you, but we can recommend you an assembling service to install your IKEA products at your home or office.

Contact us for more details and rates.

External service not provided by IKEA.

Installation service

Do you need help installing your kitchen? Save time hiring professional kitchen installation, especially when it comes to the most difficult things like plumbing, electricity and carpentry. Ask for details and prices at your IKEA store.

  • Partial installation
  • Plumbing and electrical connection
  • Complete Customised Installation

External service not provided by IKEA.

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Complements installation service

We help you with the last details, too. We install shelves, paintings, cabinets, mirrors or clocks so you don't have to worry about anything. The installation has a stipulated minimum and does not include assembling. It includes electrical connection.

External service not provided by IKEA.

Wifi service

We offer free WIFI service in all the stores and pick up points.