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IKEA Smart Lighting

All lights, all moods

Lighting is important to feel good at hom. Which is why, with IKEA's smart lighting, you can control the lighting of your home by simply pushing a button, get the perfect lighting for every moment. To work or read you'll be thankful to have a whiter and colder light, but to rest you probably prefer a warm light. With IKEA smart lighting you can control when it's on, the intensity and the temperature of up to 10 LED lightbulbs with a single remote. Lighting as you've never seen before.

What's smart lighting? Tutorials See FAQ

Wireless remote
for your lighting


Go from warm
light to cold light
in three steps

The LED TRÅDFRI lights
last for 25,000 hours

App/Connecting device

  • Regulates light's intensity
  • Adjust the colour’s temperature
  • Create customised moods
  • Time the lighting
  • Absolute control from your smartphone

Work or rest?

With the TRÅDFRI app and the connection device kit you can easily control mood lighting. Choose a warm and relaxing light for your evenings or a more intense light to work.

What's smart lighting?


  • Regulates light's intensity
  • Adjust the colour’s temperature

A light to read... and to dance

The TRÅDFRI kit with remote is your perfect ally for those special moments.

A light to study... and kiss

TRÅDFRI helps you control the intensity any moment. The rest is up to you.


Control the color temperature

With the TRÅDFRI remote, you can easily change the color temperature of your IKEA Smart Lighting lights.

2.200 Kelvin provides a perfect and warm bright as mood lighting.

2.700 Kelvin si a warm white light, perfect for a good general lighting.

4.000 Kelvin is a cold white light, ideal to keep our eyes rested while we work or read.


Smart Lighting for a brighter day

We have dedicated a lot of time to investigating light, and the best way to apply it at home. Which is why we have designed an easy to use Smart Lighting system. Now you can control the on/off, intensity, color temperature and a lot more, without changing your electrical installation. Now your day can be even brighter.


An easy and simple system

Starting to use Smart Lighting in our home is more simple than you think. The kits are ready to use, with reliable feeding systems and control units. All you need to do is install your Smart Lighting kit.

Tutorials See FAQ
TRÅDFRI Motion sensor kit XUNL | 303.389.48 $ 29.99

Motion sensor

  • It activates with motion

Dimmer kit

  • Regulates light's intensity


  • Regulates light's intensity
  • Adjust the colour’s temperature

App/Connecting device

  • Regulates light's intensity
  • Adjust the colour’s temperature
  • Create customised moods
  • Time the lighting
  • Absolute control from your smartphone


Which functions has each control?

Each IKEA smart lighting controller has different characteristics.

In the following table you can choose the one that best adapts to your needs.

  Motion sensor Regulate the intensity Remote App + Connecting device
Turn on/off
Link devices
Regulate the intensity
Adjust the color temperature
Set the timers
Group the lights
Set the mood


Yes, of course we have created the APP

Time your lights, control the intensity, set the mood, adjust the color temperature and even control the lights individually. Everything's possible thanks to the TRÅDFRI app for smartphones. You can use it, you only need a connection device, a remote and TRÅDFRI LED lights.

Regulate the intensity and adjust the color temperature

Use your smartphone or mobile to adjust the bright or color temperature in any place of the home. Each light source can be controlled for up to seven mobile devices, so the whole family can adjust the light according to their needs.

Customised moods

Create the perfect mood for each moment, each event. Because you don't need the same lighting to cook than you do to read, because you don't want the same light for work than for a movies marathon on a rainy Sunday night.

Set the timers

Can you imagine a soft light that wakes you up in the morning, and slowly increases its intensity? Or maybe you prefer that your home receives you with a warm and relaxing lighting. Well, now is possible, and without even having to touch a switch.