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The best time of the year is arriving, and we want to spend it with you.

We have many ideas, fun plans and articles designed for you to enjoy this summer to the fullest.

Also, your IKEA points will be full of events where to learn how to make the most of every day,
every ray of sunshine, and also every cloud. Welcome to the best summer of all.

Welcome to IKEA Summer Fest.

Cooking summer

Holidays are coming, free time, the beach, outdoor dinners and barbecues with friends. In summer, time seems to stop and we have the opportunity to be together. At IKEA we want to help you enjoy healthier dishes, fresher flavours and delicious desserts made together.
See more tricks to cook this summer

Refresh your home with textiles

Giving a push to summer so that it comes into your home is as easy as taking into account some textile elements that will make your home a much comfortable space in an inexpensive way that is adapted to the new season.
Refresh your home with textiles

Dream-proof creativity

Children need a space where to set their imagination free, play, paint, read, create. Ultimately: be children. That is why it is so important that their room, no matter how small, has space for them to carry out these and many more activities.
Dream-proof creativity

More plans, more in family

Dejar salir tu lado creativo y cambiar la decoración del balcón, una guerra de almohadas de todos contra todos, un picnic en el jardín o un maratón viendo vuestra serie favorita. Salir de casa está muy bien, pero en casa la vida puede ser mucho más divertida.
More plans, more in family