Hand in hand with the  flowers, the colors and the allergies comes another fascinating thing of the good weather, the gatherings and meals outside. How to prepare the perfect meeting with a nice decoration and space for everyone and everything is not so difficult. A couple of simple tricks are enough and your guests will extend their departure time until the early hours of the morning. A table becomes a meeting environment when your guests are comfortable at it.

1. Plan well

When organizing the meeting, the first thing to consider is the space you have so that the safety distance can be maintained. This will give you an idea of the number of guests. If, for example, you don't have enough space at the dining room table to keep a safe distance, you can organize something informal using additional spaces such as the living room or kitchen. This way you’ll avoid concentrating the individuals in the same space.



2. The hall, the first barrier

With the Coronavirus, the hall has become the first barrier when entering the house. It’s a transition area between the outside and the rest of the home, so when welcoming we must ensure some prevention measures. To avoid guests having to go through the bathroom first, you can place a hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel dispenser at the entrance. Also put a bin for guests to throw away disposable material, such as single-use masks or latex gloves. It’s preferable that the bin has a lid and that it’s operated by a pedal so that no one has to use their hands.

Coat rack

Shoe rack

Bench + shoe storage


Perchero with 6 pomos

3. The bathroom, to ensure hand hygiene

In the bathroom, it’s important to take into account some aspects to ensure hygiene measures during the guests' visit. One of the key measures for prevention is to wash your hands frequently and therefore we’ll have to make sure that you put liquid or bar soap and a hand brush near the sink. If you want to include hand cream as well, I'm sure your guests will appreciate the detail.

LED solar pendant lamp

LED solar pendant lamp

Outdoor chair

Deep dish

4. In the dining room, nothing is shared

When serving the meal it’s important to bear in mind that items such as cutlery, glasses or plates should not be shared under any circumstances. In addition, so that everyone is clear about what is his or hers, a good idea is to use a color coding system. You can use different dishes or, if this isn’t possible, you can always customize the utensils with removable stickers or markers. You should also not serve the food in common bowls or dishes, it should be served in individual containers, even if it’s an informal snack.

5. You can give a fun touch to the table

A safe encounter doesn't mean it has to be boring. These hygiene measures are perfectly compatible with a fun evening to celebrate the arrival of good weather. How about a picnic inspired by spring flowers? Or a candlelit dinner? A nice touch can be to prepare a small gift for each of the guests, with this you will get them to take a souvenir of the evening, they will surely love it.

6. Set up areas in the living room

It’s possible that the living room will be a meeting point for everyone, either before, during or after the meal. You can establish these areas by adding chairs, stools or poufs around the sofa to make the meeting more comfortable. In this way, as well as ensuring a safe distance, you will encourage conversation by being in opposing positions. Finally, you can cover the sofa with some fabric to facilitate cleaning after your guests' visit, just remove it and wash it in the washing machine at high temperature. And when the guests leave, don't forget to air the house well and disinfect the surfaces used during the evening..

7.A picnic, a good outdoors alternative

If you still don't feel comfortable receiving guests at home, a good alternative is to have a picnic outside. Try to create a space that’s large enough to allow for a safe distance between guests. Just as at home, the rations need to be already served, but you can prepare individual kits with compartmentalized containers and zip-lock bags.

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