Everybody deserves the chance to improve their everyday

Our vision to "offer a better everyday life for many people" includes our co-workers, customers, suppliers and the communities where they live. Respect for human rights, based on the guiding principles on business and human rights of the United Nations, is also included in our code of conduct, called IWAY, destined to our suppliers. Download the IWAY Standard (PDF)

At IKEA we believe in people.

We do our very best to offer equal opportunities and support human rights. All co-workers are treated equally and enjoy the same opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation or age. More info on Working at the IKEA Group

It's not just the material the products are made of that's important – it's the people behind them, too.

Defending the ethical recruitment of migrant workers

For many migrants the promise of a better future can result in large debts derived from recruitment fees and, in the worst case, slave labour. IWAY, IKEA’s code of conduct, sets well defined standards for the selection and recruitment of workers. Under no circumstances do we tolerate forced labour or human trafficking. Our suppliers are committed to treat their migrant workers fairly, to guarantee transparent recruitment terms and decent working and living conditions.

Team-working to drive changes

In many countries, recruitment practices are complex and involve many different organisations. In order to help our suppliers with all those arrangements, we're partnering with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). In South East Asia we've already worked to successfully help suppliers manage selection processes with the worker’s home countries. We'll use all the findings to guarantee ethical recruitment of migrant workers and to work towards creating a lasting change.

More information about the International Organization for Migration

We believe in child protection

We do all we can to act in the best interest of children and to protect their rights. We do it through the defence, awareness raising and support of the smaller ones in vulnerable communities.

We believe in child protection

We do all we can to act in the best interest of children and to protect their rights. We do it through the defence, awareness raising and support of the smaller ones in vulnerable communities.

Our commitment to children has no end
When it comes to our products and stores, we always try to think from a child's perspective. We want our products to aid their development and our stores to be play areas, where they feel like home. We work with experts on children's development, to learn and understand their needs during different development stages.
Lets eradicate child labour
We consider that children have the right to be protected from exploitation, abuse and neglect. For this reason IKEA strictly rejects child labour and we actively work to prevent and eradicate it. In 2000 we developed our code of conduct regarding child labour, in co-operation with Save the Children and with advice from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and UNICEF.

Creating long-term solutions
Child labour prevention and eradication is a big challenge and the only way to tackle it is by addressing the root causes with a holistic approach. That’s why IKEA Foundation supports UNICEF and Save the Children programs that defend children’s rights in 25.000 villages from different locations in India and Pakistan; by 2017 we’ll be reaching 15 million children.
Visit the IKEA Foundation website for more information


Building good relationships

We want everyone to feel good about the products they buy at IKEA. This is why we put a lot of work into the relationships with our suppliers and sub-suppliers. There are around 600.000 people in the world working for companies that directly supply IKEA, and we want to be sure they're all treated fairly.

For this reason in 2000 we launched IWAY, our code of conduct for suppliers. Our suppliers are responsible for communicating the IWAY standard to their sub-suppliers, and we help them do it. All suppliers must fulfil the IWAY requirements; otherwise, we stop working with them.

We visit our suppliers regularly to check that they are following the IWAY code and we carry out 1.000 audits a year

What is the IWAY Standard?
The IWAY Standard, our code of conduct for suppliers, plays an important role in their positive development. It establishes our minimum requirements related to the environment, social impact and working conditions.

We visit our suppliers regularly to check that they are following the IWAY standard. Around 80 auditors from IKEA, as well as independent auditors, evaluate (in some occasions unannounced) suppliers and sub-suppliers

Some of the IWAY Standars are:

  • Preventing child labor
  • No forced labor or slavery
  • No discrimination
  • Freedom of association
  • At least, minimum wage and overtime compensation
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment; preventing air, ground and water pollution; and working to reduce energy consumption. Download the IWAY Standard (PDF)

We believe in child protection

We do all we can to act in the best interest of children and to protect their rights. We do it through the defence, awareness raising and support of the smaller ones in vulnerable communities.

Better light, new designs and lower prices. Discover how we're fully embracing the LED revolution.

Collaborating with WWF to improve cotton farmers' lives

IKEA and WWF have been working together on cotton farming issues for over a decade. As a result, around 125.000 farmers in India, Pakistan, China and Turkey have started farming cotton in a more sustainable way. Thanks to the use of less chemical fertilisers and of more natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, small farmers can reduce costs without affecting their harvest by doing so. The money they save can be invested in water-saving drip irrigation or in their children’s education. To learn more about our collaboration, visit WWF’s website



Social entrepreneurs use business as a way to generate a social change. The local businesses with which we collaborate employs local craftsmen, usually women that live in a rural environment, who previously had limited or no access to paid employment and sustainable income.

By collaborating with social partners we obtain inspiration and access to craftsmen who work with traditional means. The products that we co-create are handmade in a limited number and are sold at specific IKEA stores, reinvesting all the benefits on the initiative.

This woman inspires us. Listen to the story of a social entrepreneur and craftswoman in India.


More opportunities for children

Regardless of their circumstances, all children have the right to a home, a healthy childhood, a good education and a sustainable family income. IKEA Foundation supports programs run by renowned organisations, like UNICEF and Clinton Health Access Initiative, with the objective of helping children and youth from the poorest communities to create a better future for themselves and their families. By the end of 2015 the current programmes financed by the Foundation will have helped 100 million children.

Visit the IKEA Foundation website for more information

IKEA Foundation contributes more than 100 million euros a year to children’s charity organisations, with funds provided by the IKEA Group’s benefits.


Thanks to all IKEA customers and collaborators!

Every year, all IKEA collaborators and customers participate together in two campaigns to help provide a better life to the most disadvantaged. These campaigns raise money for UNICEF, Save the Children and for UNHCR, the UN organ that deals with refugees and the displaced. The money is destined to improve children’s education, or to provide electric light for the refugee camps. These campaigns also serve to raise awareness about the existing problems and the work that needs to be done to solve them.

Together we can make a difference in people's lives.

IWitness Global Citizens Programme

This programme gives IKEA’s co-workers the chance to see first-hand how the money raised through IKEA solidarity campaigns, contributes to a better life for children in the most disadvantaged communities. Co-workers visit different projects run by IKEA Foundation partners, and share their experiences on IKEA Foundation's Global Citizens blog.

Soft toys for education for 11 million children since 2003
Each time customers buy a soft toy or a children’s book in November or December, IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to Save the Children and UNICEF. This campaign has already raised 77 million euros since 2003, and has helped to provide a better education to more than 11 million children from 46 countries.
More information at IKEA Foundation

Light for refugees, for the people that have lost everything
This campaign has raised 18,1 million euros since 2014. When customers purchase a LED light bulb, IKEA Foundation donates 1 euro to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). This money serves to finance solar energy plants that allow refugee camps to be safer and kids to play after the sunset.
More information at IKEA Foundation


How we help refugees

Since January 2015, more than half a million refugees have entered Europe looking for a better life for their families. The charity campaign “The power of light” is one of the many initiatives carried out by IKEA and IKEA Foundation to help improve the life of refugees. For each LED product sold in the IKEA stores during the campaign, IKEA Foundation donated 1€ to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Thanks to the campaign, IKEA Foundation raised 30,8 million euros in donations for UNHCR, that served to provide light and renewable energies, as well as improve the education of the families that live in the refugee camps of Asia, Africa and the Middle East; thanks to this money, UNHCR will be able to continue developing their educational programs and renewable energies over the next years.

Although the refugees’ situation is still complicated, we have actively helped many local organisations supplying them with basic items that help improve the living conditions of the newcomer refugees. Many IKEA collaborators devote their time and effort to help refugees restart their lives in new communities. In addition, we have also launched longer programmes in some countries in order to help refugees integrate in the labour market.

More information at IKEA Foundation

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