AUSTBÖ mirror
AUSTBÖ mirror
AUSTBÖ mirror
AUSTBÖ mirror
AUSTBÖ mirror
AUSTBÖ mirror
Mirror, black



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The shape of this mirror looks like a sun. Perfect to hang in the bedroom or in the hallway to frame your reflection with a wonderful touch while adding a decorative eye-catcher to your wall.
Article no 705.340.42

Decoration, ornament, set of 20, glass gold/white


$12/ 20 pack


More options available

Hanging decoration, set of 6, heart-shaped red/white


$0.50/ 6 pack


More options available

Hanging decoration, set of 4, glass christmas motifs


$12/ 4 pack


More options available

Hanging decoration, glass candy cane stick/red/white


$6/ 3 pack


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Christmas stocking, black



Decoration, ornament, glass mixed colors


$5/ 4 pack


More options available

Key features

Fits anywhere in the home and is also tested and approved for bathrooms.

Skilled craftspeople have woven the natural fibers by hand, which makes each mirror unique.

A mirror on the wall helps add depth to a room and makes it more dynamic.

Provided with safety film - reduces damage if glass is broken.

Japandi is a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design that is characterized by simplicity and functionality.

You can have the mirror in the bathroom, but avoid soaking the rattan. Instead, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.


IKEA of Sweden

Good to know

Each product is a unique, handmade work of art with natural variations in color and shape.

Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.

To hang securely in place on the wall, this mirror requires 1 screw.

For indoor use only.

Tested and approved for bathroom use.

What is mirror glass?

Mirror glass is made of mostly of ordinary glass with a reflective coating in some kind of metal. In the past it was common for the coating to contain lead or mercury – but over time, both of these metals have been shown to be harmful to people and the environment. That’s why, as of several years ago, IKEA has a total ban on using lead or mercury in our mirrors and instead it is non-toxic silver or aluminium that reflects your mirror image.


Assembled size

Diameter:24 3/4 "

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 27 ½ "
Width: 25 ½ "
Height: 1 ½ "
Weight Gross: 4 lb 10 oz
Weight Net: 2 lb 16 oz
Volume per package: 0.64 cu.ft


Mirror glass:
Glass, Silicone rubber
Rattan, Bamboo, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
Rattan, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
AUSTBÖ mirror

Care instructions

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Rattan is happiest in dry, cool environments with an constant temperature.

Use a damp cloth, avoid strong detergents.