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If you want to know how to configure a wireless speaker or any other Smart Home item step by step, if you need a little help with the assembly of a more complex piece of furniture or you are simply looking for support, welcome, we are here to help you.

IKEA Smart Home Help

Our Smart Home items are designed to make your life easier. Controlling the color of the light, the volume of the music or the blinds in your room with a remote control is easier than you think. Whether you're just starting out or an expert, we'll help you install our smart articles and guide you on what to do if something goes wrong.

Getting started with SYMFONISK

Enjoy your music without interruptions with SYMFONISK.

SYMFONISK. FAQ & troubleshoot

Find answers to common questions about SYMFONISK WiFi speakers.

Smart blinds

Wake up gradually with preprogrammed settings, or control your blinds from your bed with the remote control.

DIRIGERA. FAQ & troubleshoot

Learn more about the functions and features of the DIRIGERA hub and the IKEA Home smart app to improve your everyday life at home.