Distribution Bedroom Catalogue 2021

On page 36, the bed UTÅKER TWIN shows a price of $189, the correct price is $387.

Published: 26/March/2021


On page 7, the LINNMON/LERBERG table $52.99 shows incorrect information. The correct information is: LINNMON table $37.99/ud. 103.537.32 board blue/cream 29½x59 LERBERG trestle $10/ud. 801.307.76 total price is: $57.99.

Published: 13/February/2020

Catalogue get ready for life 2020

On page 49, the SKUBB box code 803.000.47 has the incorrect information of 3 units for the price of $5.99. The correct information is of $5.99. per unit.

Published: 17/October/2019

Bedrooms Catalogue 2020

On page 7, the RIBBA frame shows a price of 6.99€/unit, the correct price is $6.99/unit.

On page 44, the SÅNGLÄRKA rug shows a price of 28.99€, the correct price is $28.99

On page 45, the SNIGLAR bed frame shows a price of 69€, the correct price is $69.

Published: 9/September/2019

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