IKEA Puerto Rico New Store Catalogue 2021

On page 45, we make a mistake. One of the pieces of the set of 5 ANNONS pots has a measure wrong 9qt. Its correct measurement is 0.9qt.

Published: 26/October/2021

Accessories and decoration Catalogue 2021

On page 4, the hanging pot CHILISTRÅN that is no longer part of our News, shows a price of 14.99 with incorrect code 604.922.45, the correct price is $12.99 with the code 604.922.45.

Published: 15/September/2021

SALES 2021

On June 1, 2021, the article STORJORM cabinet with 2 mirror doors and integrated with the code 202.500.69  showed a price in sales of $4.99, the regular price is $249 and the correct price in sales is $199.

Published: 05/July/2021

Newsletter Campaign "Crazy Prices"  2019

On June 5, 2021, a Newsletter of the 2019 Campaign "Crazy Prices" was sent by mistake, which we do not have, nor are the offers or the Campaign current. The subject of this shipment was "Last days of CRAZY PRICES! (Incredible offers until June 2)".

Published: 08/June/2021

A new me more organized Catalogue IKEA Puerto Rico 2021

On pages 4 and 5, the white mirror NISSEDAL shows a price of $13, the correct price is $29.99 and the black mirror NISSEDAL shows a price of $16, the correct price is $49.99.

Published: 04/May/2021

Distribution Bedroom Catalogue 2021

On page 36, the bed UTÅKER TWIN shows a price of $189, the correct price is $387.

Published: 26/March/2021


On page 7, the LINNMON/LERBERG table $52.99 shows incorrect information. The correct information is: LINNMON table $37.99/ud. 103.537.32 board blue/cream 29½x59 LERBERG trestle $10/ud. 801.307.76 total price is: $57.99.

Published: 13/February/2020

Catalogue get ready for life 2020

On page 49, the SKUBB box code 803.000.47 has the incorrect information of 3 units for the price of $5.99. The correct information is of $5.99. per unit.

Published: 17/October/2019

Bedrooms Catalogue 2020

On page 7, the RIBBA frame shows a price of 6.99€/unit, the correct price is $6.99/unit.

On page 44, the SÅNGLÄRKA rug shows a price of 28.99€, the correct price is $28.99

On page 45, the SNIGLAR bed frame shows a price of 69€, the correct price is $69.

Published: 9/September/2019