It's ok to change your mind!

If you aren't fully satisfied with the products after receiving your purchase, return the product without uncovering and unopened, inside the original package and with the receipt, in 90 days or less.

You must bring the purchase invoice for any changes and returns.

Refunds will be made via the same payment method used to pay for the purchase, however, cash refunds will be made exclusively at the main store, IKEA Bayamon Store or at our IKEA Ponce or Escorial Points.

Exceptionally, IKEA will be able to refund you via bank transfer upon request.

In the case of refunds via credit or debit card and bank transfer, they may be verified within 7-10 working days of the request (subject to validation by the financial intermediary).

Returns are not accepted, no refunds are made or price adjustments if the item is reduced on price after its purchase.

If you don't love your mattress, change it! You have 89 nights after the date of purchase to try your mattress. If you aren't comfortable with your mattress, bring it to the store with your receipt and choose a different one that better suits your needs when it comes to sleeping. Beware that no stains or signs of dirt or damage may be present in the mattress. There will be no refund for used or open mattresses.

We're sorry, but we cannot accept bedlinen to return (sheets, pillows, duvets, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.) used, outside its original package or if the original package has been opened.

We cannot accept returns of fabrics, plants and other products custom purchased (such as, countertops of any material, cut to measure) or purchased in opportunities and exhibition.

The change or return of the faulty items will be accepted during the effective time of its guarantee starting on the date of purchase, being SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC. who takes responsability for the shipping expenses when sent to the IKEA store.

  • You'll have to contact us through our e-mail address (787)750-4532, provide the product information and the damage on the product. Once we receive the information we will explain to you the next steps to take.
  • The refund will be made as soon as possible and in any case, within the 14 business days after the item was returned. The replacement of the item will be, depending on the geographical location, no later than in 10 business days, as long as the item is available right away.
  • The amounts paidfor those products returned for damage or faults, provided such damage is real, will be entirely refunded, including the transport expenses.
  • The refund will be effective through the same payment method used to pay for the purchase.
    • IKEA will make exceptions in cases of returns and their corresponding penalties, when the norms previously indicated are not fulfilled.
    • The credits for exceptions are not refundable.
    • Please, consult here information about the IKEA products guarantee policy .

Abandoned and lost products

If IKEA has any abandoned or lost product for thirty (30) days or more, and such product has not been reclaimed, IKEA has the right to dispose of the product.

As of the 1st of May 2021, several of our items must be attached to the wall, to prevent tip-over accidents at your house or business. If after your purchase, you do not secure the item as recommended, you must return it to your nearest Store or Pick up point and we will give you a non-refundable voucher worth the value of the purchase.

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