During the days of Black Friday, like each year at IKEA Puerto Rico, we prepare a lot of discount for your all home.

You will be able to enjoy great offers in furniture, textiles, decoration items for your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom… in essence, for each corner of your house. Get the chest of drawers you always dreamed of, take the opportunity to renovate your mattress or modernize the appliances of your kitchen.

What is Black Friday?

It’s a tradition originated in the United States, that coincides with the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It was called black Friday because the roads would get overcrowded when millions of Americans returned to their homes after spending the day with their family. Nowadays, it’s a world-renowned day for the offers in all shops, that marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. In fact, it’s said that the term was coined by the traders who, at this time of the year, saw how their bank accounts grew, going from red figures to black. And that’s where the term came from.

When is Black Friday celebrated?

Black Friday takes place one day after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Some attribute the name as this is the day when shops manage to change red numbers to black ones. Others, however, claim that the adjective "black" originates on November 19th, 1975, when The New York Times first used the epithet alluding to the traffic clutter and chaos that had occurred that year in the city due to the discounts of the day after "Thanksgiving".

In Spain, this tradition has become more popular since 2013 and has been spreading year after year. It’s also the perfect time to advance Christmas shopping, start thinking about the decoration of your home and prepare it for the warm and family holidays of December. If you’re thinking about these dates, at IKEA Puerto Rico we already have everything to make your home the perfect setting for your Christmas stories.