Our rest and health depends on a good choice of the bed elements

We need to think that we're buying an item that will last many years and that we're going to spend a third of our lives in.

In this guide we're going to review five important points that you should take into account. Measurements, frame, mattress and those elements that will provide comfort as well.

1. Parts of a bed. Every element matters
2. Choose the base or frame
3.The mattress
4. Pillows, bedding and duvets
5. Accessories for some extra comfort


1. Parts of a bed. Every element matters

Let's start by analyzing the parts of a bed that, combined, will influence not only our rest, but also the style and functionality of our bedroom.
Bed frames
It’s the main element that will support the rest. There are infinity of styles, classic and modern. Also, this frame will determine extra functionalities such as storage thanks to drawers, open spaces or, as in the case of MALM, a folding canape. You can see all our bed frames here.

Slatted bed base
If you choose a bed frame you should complete it with a slatted bed base. Slatted bed bases cushion the movements and provide elasticity under the mattress. All IKEA slatted bases are made of layers of laminated wood that cushion and provide extra elasticity to your rest.
Bed bases
It's another option when it comes to creating your own customized resting space. In this case it's a flat surface that integrates a slatted bed base with incorporated legs. These legs can be of different heights and designs. Thanks to bed bases such as ESPEVÄR, you can join two bases and choose two individual mattresses with different firmness so they're adapted to each person's preferences.
Mattresses and mattress pads
It’s one of the most personal elements of the bed. You should take into account your favorite sleeping position, its firmness and comfort, foam or springs structure. There are many aspects that influence your decision, that’s why we remember you that at IKEA you have up to 89 nights to try it out and, if it’s not what you were looking for, you can change your mattress for another that adapts better to the way you sleep.
The choice of pillow determines the right sleeping position, keeping the head and body aligned with the back and guaranteeing a quiet and restful sleep. All our pillows are made of cotton, to provide that extra comfort that will complete your rest.
Covers, bedding and duvets
These elements, among others, create the comfort of our bed every day. Comfort, quality and design that adapt to the way you sleep. A cover will protect your mattress from dust and other dirt. Bedding will provide extra warmth while the election of different types of duvet will make you sleep at the right temperature.


2. Choose a base or frame

Each one has its own advantages, that’s why it’s important that you ask yourself the following questions. Will you need extra room under the bed to store bedding, duvets and other textiles?. Do you prefer that each person that uses the bed has their own different mattress adapted to their comfort needs?. Do you need a slatted base of adjustable firmness that adapts to your body and provides extra comfort?. We tell you next.

Mattress bases

They're perfect for creating your own customized rest space. They're made of a frame that you should choose according to the size of the mattress.

Complete the base with the ESPEVÄR cover in white, dark gray or natural and the legs that will hold the frame. You have wooden or steel legs and of different heights available.


To make things easier for you, we've prepared a complete mattress bases section that includes all the elements, so you only have to choose the size that adapts best to the size of your bedroom.

Bed frames
They consists of a headboard, crossbar, SKORVA central beam and a footboard depending on the series or model. To this frame you must add a slatted bed base on which you’ll place the mattress according to the size of the frame that we’ve selected.

Series such as MALM, BRIMNES or SONGESAND also include different drawer configurations for the storage of bedding. Take a look at all these frames with storage and discover their advantages.
The importance of the slatted base
The slatted base helps prolong the useful life of the mattress, providing more comfort and fitting all types of mattresses, from latex to memory foam, which need more transpiration, to traditional spring mattresses. All our slatted bases have beech and birch plates, a very durable and flexible wood.

If your bed is 90cm wide, you should complete it with a slatted base of 90x200cm. As for a 140cm bed, you should include a SKORVA middle beam and two 70x200cm slatted bases or 140x200cm slatted base.

For 160cm wide beds you’ll need a SKORVA middle beam and two 80x200cm slatted bases. Lastly, for 180cm beds you should have two 90x200cm slatted bases and a SKORVA middle beam for support.

LURÖY has 17 layer-glued slats that adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress.

See frames with LURÖY

3. The mattress

This sections deserves its own matress guide, so we're going to list the main types and characteristics that you should take into account when buying a mattress. We'll see the types; springs or foam, firmness and comfort.
Spring mattresses

This type of mattress distribute body weight uniformly, relieving pressure from any part of the body. Their structure provide good air flow and a fresh and dry microclimate. The type of springs, the width of the wire and the comfort layer will determine the comfort of the mattress.

The Bonnell type springs mattresses have 4 or 5 linked springs that increase the resistance to weight. They’re durable and only made of steel wire, which is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

Pocket spring mattresses, have 5 or 6 linked springs in a drum shape. They provide good support and quickly react to any movement, as they work independently one from the other. They’re very durable, with steel wires and recyclable materials.

Foam mattresses

Foam provides stable comfort, easily molding to the shape of the body and absorbing the movements. Some foam mattresses also inlcude areas to distribute preassure better, specially for hips and shoulders.

All our foam mattresses have removable covers. You can wash the cover to keep it as new.

A foam mattresses bears heavy objects better as higher its density and comfort layer is. This layer depends on the choice of material, as for example an additional foam layer, high-resistance foam, memory foam, latex or natural latex.

"...our foam mattresses have removable covers. You can wash the cover to keep it as new..."


At IKEA you'll find mattresses of any of the types mentioned before and in medium and firm firmness. Remember that it's important that the mattress distributes your body weight and that you have up to 89 nights to try your mattress.

Layers of comfort

Mattresses such as HAUGESUND provide you with a very precise support thanks to its layers of comfort, relieving pressure from shoulders and hips. You can find mattresses with memory foam layers, latex or foam.


4. Pillows, bedding and duvets

Comfort, quality and design adapted to the way you rest also in our textiles, because only you know how you like it and because they're made of dreams. Also yours.

High, low or ergonomic pillow?

The choice of pillow is essential to sleep in a good posture, that guarantees a quiet and restful sleep, keeping your head and body aligned with the back bone. We have the perfect solution for you, whether you want a high, low or ergonomic pillow.

Medium-firmness pillows have less filling compared to firmer ones, that have more filling inside. You also have memory foam pillows such as ROSENSKÄRM, that offer you good support, react to body temperature and mold to the shape of your head.

As for filling, there are several fillings used to achieve the comfort you need. Pillows with natural fillings such as feather, down or cotton, they breath perfectly and absorb moisture very well, they don’t lose shape and adapt seamlessly, providing the ideal support.

Microfiber filling pillows and of materials such as lyocell, polyester or foam absorb moisture well and they’re soft and light.

VILDKORN is a lyocell and cotton pillow, soft and fluffly, with microfiber filling that feels like down.
LAPPTÅTEL provides the necessary support thanks to its proportion of down and it's 100% cotton exterior, all natural.


As with pillows, IKEA has synthetic duvets that you can machine wash and that are idea for allergic people. Some duvets have microfiber filling, so soft and light as down. Natural duvets are made of insulating materials that transpire very well and absorb moisture in an excellent way, as in the case of STJÄRNBRÄCKA or FJÄLLARNIKA.

On the other hand, you also have to take into account if you need a fresh, warm or extra warm duvet, depending on your body and room temperature. And don't forget the duvet cover matching your bedding, curtains or wall color of your bedroom. There are more than 100 to choose from.


is a duvet cover with pillowcases in beautiful shades of green and blue.


is a duvet cover with pillowcase in soft and natural cotton.


5. Accessories for extra comfort

We suggest four big allies for your bed with which you'll get that extra comfort for your sweet dreams.

Nothing like a soft and cozy blanket at the foot of your bed. Whool, linen or cotton...and don't feel cold.

Place a mattress pad on your mattress, you'll make it even more comfortable and you'll keep it more protected to dirt.

A bedspread is always useful. Add color and comfort to your bedroom by dressing it with your favorite colors.
Achieve a unique bed thanks to the combination of colors and warmth that cushions provide.