Find all the beauty of your bathroom with textiles in bright colors, as many mirrors as you need and lighting that makes you feel like a star. Add a trolley to have your daily beauty products at hand, disconnect from the outside world and relax in a customized space.


Lights and mirrors

Lighting can make a room – in this case, the LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp that just screams salon, with a hint of backstage glamour thrown in, plus the FRÄCK extendable wall mirror to throw the light into all the right angles.


Easy textile update

Giving a bathroom a lift can be as simple as adding a new set of bath textiles – like this blue towel made with pure cotton from more sustainable sources. The polka dots are terry-woven and extra absorbent.

All your essentials on wheels

Just like every good salon, having a well-stocked trolley can transform your bathroom experience. Just slide it where you need it and grab your essentials. The NISSAFORS trolley is compact, making it ideal for small spaces. It’s also a super-simple way to create more shelf space – something bathrooms are often lacking.


A glamorous and functional bathroom

With a classic white cabinet and sink, different mirror options and glamorous lighting, your salon-style bathroom is almost complete. In a movable trolley and open shelving, you can keep your beauty essentials within easy reach.


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Box with compartments, smoked, 32x28x10 cm | 12 ½x11x4 "


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Mirror, stainless steel


Box with lid, set of 5, smoked, 24x20x10 cm | 9 ½x7 ¾x4 "


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Bathrobe S/M, white


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Hook self-adhesive, chrome plated

$6.99 / 3 pack

Bathrobe L/XL, gray


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Towel hanger, chrome plated


Mesh bag, set of 2, natural


Utility cart, white

Previous price: $45


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Shower shelf, chrome plated


LED wall lamp, 24 ", stainless steel, 500 lm

Previous price: $39.99


Mirror, 60x96 cm | 23 5/8x37 3/4 "


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