Where do your kids want to go today? From magical trips into fantasy worlds to a party with a bunch of soft toy friends. This bedroom in traditional style is set up to take your kids on a thousand and one adventures.

This is an open house


This children's tent is perfect for your little ones to play for hours and invite their friends or the rest of the family to try all the delicious treats they've cooked with so much care.


The perfect hiding spot


This tent can be many things, but its most popular role is going to be that of a cozy corner, stuffed with cushions and maybe some soft toys. The perfect spot for your kids to chill out with their favorite book.


Chefs for a day


Some of our toys are designed to let your children imitate the world of the adults. A real world in miniature where they can fun on their own, with friends or with you, exploring a world that's still new to them.


A bed that grows with them


With traditional details and a design that never goes out of style, this bed is ready to handle hectic days and quiet nights for many, many years to come. And, because it's extendable, it'll stay with your kids as they grow up.


Bedding made to dream


This circus inspired duvet cover, that comes in two different sizes, will be an inspiration for the little ones at home right before bedtime. It has lively patterns on one side and a plain color on the other, so that you can adapt it to your child's mood every night.


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Rug, 55x85 cm | 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 ", white


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Glass, multicolor

$3.99 / 8 pack

Children's chair, gray

Previous price: $24.99


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Play kitchen, birch


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Children's table, gray


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Basket, seagrass, 25 cm | 9 7/8 "

Previous price: $9.99


Rug, 130x160 cm | 4 ' 3 "x5 ' 3 ", harlequin pattern/multicolor


Storage case, fabric striped/white/grey


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