We’ve taken the small bathroom space of this modern home to create a fully functional bathroom-laundry with a fresh, open feeling yet all modern utilities and plenty of storage. Additing plenty of hanging and free-standing plants gives an almost green-house feel, and with colours that say “wash-day is a beautiful and calming thing”. Well, almost.


Bathroom facilities plus laundry functionality in calm collaboration

This White washbasin combines with the mirror and the quiet color of the wall tiles to create a calming atmosphere. And the black, wáter-saving faucet adds the final touch of visual balance to this relaxing yet functional area. All your family bathroom essentials, with laundry utility close at hand.


Washing machine and storage make space seem more than it is

This compact yet airy bathroom-laundry solutions stows washing machine neatly and offers storage for the whole family, with space to sort laundry and place to store it, along with al the usual bathroom necessities. Compact utility and coordinated style, inside and out, for a total bathroom in a small space.


Hanging storage bags for quick Access with a fresher feel

Hang these net storage bags from your bathroom door for added small-space storage and a fresh and free bathroom feel with clean modern style. You can see what’s in the bags and their net structure means no more clammy condensation. The whole thing feels clean and dry, and the kids will love it.


Trolleys and plants help create a flexible and open bathroom-laundry

A flexible bathroom for everyone, shared space with multiple people. We mixed refreshing greenery for atmosphere along with trolleys for mobile utility and storage. Feeling with function. Room for the kids too, in this relaxing space with a place for everything. Out with chaos, in with calm


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Organizer, 20x25x10 cm | 7 ¾x9 ¾x4 ", plastic/beige


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Clip-on hook rack


Bathroom set, 3-piece, white


Clip-on basket


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Plant pot, 24 cm | 9 ½ ", indoor/outdoor gray


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Watering can, ivory/gold


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Plant pot, 12 cm | 4 ¾ ", indoor/outdoor off-white


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Plant pot, 12 cm | 4 ¾ ", handmade bamboo


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Plant pot, 15 cm | 6 ", indoor/outdoor gray


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Cart, white, 26x48x77 cm | 10 1/4x18 7/8x30 3/8 "


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Step stool, white

Previous price: $8.99


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Laundry cabinet, white, 40x190 cm | 15 3/4x74 3/4 "


Mirror with shelf, white, 50x60 cm | 19 5/8x23 5/8 "

Previous price: $26.99


Washcloth, white

Previous price: $5.99

$4.99 / 10 piece

Baby bath, white/green


Artificial potted plant, 12 cm | 4 ¾ ", indoor/outdoor/hanging Ivy


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Bath mat, 50x80 cm | 20x31 ", dark beige


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Shower towel, light beige, 70x140 cm | 28x55 "


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Mesh bag, set of 2, natural


Trash can, beige


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Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass

$11.99 / 3 pack

Cabinet for washing machine, white, 65x190 cm | 25 5/8x74 3/4 "