Family or friends staying over can mean a lot of fun and a lot of things going on. A good day bed is more than just a sofa. It also gives guests the comfort they need to sleep well so you can all make the most of your time together.

Essentials to help your guests feel at home

Get the best way for your guests to get the best comfort, at the best price, no doubt they will notice and thank you. From soft bed linen to hangers for party dresses, here are a few ideas to help you make sure that when family and friends visit, they have the practical things they need


More space with a double row of hooks and knobs

You'll find more space to hang things to the parallel hooks and porcelain knobs on this elegant, new LANDKRABBA rack. It works for tea towels in your kitchen or dressing gowns in your bedroom as well as coats in your hallway.


Plates fit for any feast

Holding a dinner or a party? Whatever your style, get plates that are perfect for any delicious menu you've planned to tempt your guests with.

Handy two-tier serving stand with that traditional look

Expecting guests? This appealing and affordable serving stand gives you festive way to serve all kinds of food, from cakes and pastries to cheese and fruit. The two tiers of the stand display the food inviting while saving space on your table. Compact, practical, eye-catching.


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Plate, gray, 31x19 cm | 12x7 ½ "


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Plate, dark gray, 26 cm | 10 "

Previous price: $14.99

$8.99 / 2 pack

Bowl, gray, 14 cm | 5 ½ "

Previous price: $13.99

$9.99 / 4 pack

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Cushion cover, golden-yellow, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $3.99


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Cushion cover, off-white/dot pattern black, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $5.99


Rug, low pile, off-white, 133x195 cm | 4 ' 4 "x6 ' 5 "


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Wall/reading lamp, white


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LED string light with 40 lights 4.9 m, indoor/battery operated silver color


Side table, white

Previous price: $45


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Rack with 5 hooks, white

Previous price: $29


Stackable bed with 2 mattresses, Twin, VANNAREID Firm, pine

$617 / 2 pack

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Chopping board, beech, 38x27 cm | 15x10 ¾ "


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Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), Twin, 152 threads, white

Previous price: $19.99


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Vase, gray


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Side plate, gray, 20 cm | 8 "

Previous price: $13.99

$11.99 / 4 pack

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Children's stool