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Everyone has a friend or a family member that is a technology enthusiast, who is always up to date. So, this are the best gifts for them: last generation customizables peakers, air purifiers or smartlighting. Every option possible in orderto have a smart home, connected thanks to apps and mobile devices. Put the music that you like and lower the lights without getting up from the sofa, create relaxing environments or your own home disco, but careful, don’t bother your neighbors.

Decorate with sound

Gifting the latest of speakers for your home is a safe bet, and if it also mixes an exquisite sound quality with a ground breaking design, it will be the best of the best. Control all its options with your phone and integrate them in your house decoration. They will get unnocited until they start sounding.

The most customizable speaker

Customize speakers, no one better  than your self knows the taste of the person you are giving this gift to. Choose the speaker pannel you like most and the surprise will be huge! If you have thought of gifting the latest of sound equipment you must go for SYMFONISK, and if you want minimalism and decoration add frames for speakers. Make a complete gift!

Gift wellness and design

Without current situation, having the most clean air at home means winning in health and improving the wellness of the house. However, it’s not the same purifying the air, that purifying it with style, our air purifiers exude beauty, so much that they look  like beautiful decoration items. Gift health and design for the home of who you love most.

A bright idea

Can a light bulb be smart? So it seems… gift the latest in lighting and you’ll leave every one speechless. Light bulbs that can be controlled with your phone, with a remote control o with your voice . Change the color, adjust the intensity, every thing you can imagine is possible, and besides… they are LED, so the consumption is very very low. There isn’t better or brighter idea than giftings mart lighting.