This bright, sunny room will put a smile on everyone’s face throughout the day. Flexible, multifunctional furniture helps it move from a productive, social daytime towards a calm, restful night.

See organization in the living room

Organised on the inside

There’s enough room on this versatile shelving unit to keep everyone’s things organised. Different height shelves give you lots of options for things like books, files and boxes, as well as room for a decorative object or two. Let the kids take over the low shelves, and use boxes and storage organisers to create a unified look styled your way.


A creative table

In small rooms this super smart table comes into its own. With both leaves extended there’s enough space for the kids to get on with creative projects and you to catch up with work. It’s got special storage powers too – a central pocket for two fold-up chairs, as well as pockets for everyday essentials. Pair with this swivel chair for a small-space match made in heaven.


A multi-functional coffee table

You can pack a lot into this coffee table with the help of open and closed boxes and baskets, making it a perfect home for things like children’s art and craft materials. As your activities change throughout the day, the castors keep it mobile – so when the kids have gone to bed and you’ve got a moment to yourself, simply glide it over by the sofa.


Sleeping easy

Time to relax. At the end of the day, when everything is neatly stored away, transform the sofa into a bed and get ready for a restful night. Glide the coffee table over to become a bedside table, and pop an LED table lamp and alarm clock on top. Then pull out your book from the shelf and let your wind-down begin.


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Children's desk chair, white


Box, pine, 23x31x15 cm | 9x12 ¼x6 "


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Box, bamboo/brown, 32x35x33 cm | 12 ½x13 ¾x13 "


Vase, clear glass


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Vase, clear glass


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Coffee table, white, 91x37 cm | 35 7/8x14 5/8 "

Previous price: $79


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Side table, black, 15x30 3/4 "

Previous price: $45


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Cushion cover, golden brown, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $6.99


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Cushion cover, dark gray, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $6.99


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Junior chair, white

Regular price: $69


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Gateleg table with storage, white/light gray, 33/89/145x98 cm | 13/35/57 1/8x38 5/8 "


Magazine file, white

$3.99 / 2 pack

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Rug, low pile, 200x300 cm | 6 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 ", off-white


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Cabinet with sliding doors, white, 95x47x90 cm | 37 3/8x18 1/2x35 3/8 "


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Box with lid, set of 3, clear

$2.99 / 3 pack

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Shelving unit with 4 shelves, white, 95x37x90 cm | 37 3/8x14 5/8x35 3/8 "

Previous price: $159


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Basket, set of 2, handmade bamboo



Pendant lamp, 14", white/birch


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Children's stool


Nightstand, white, 37x37 cm | 14 5/8x14 5/8 "