Level up the comfort and convenience of your bedroom with wireless speakers, smart lighting, electric blinds and more—and control it all by remote control or via the IKEA Home smart app.


The sounds of a good morning

With a WiFi speaker next to your bed you can fall asleep and wake up to the playlists that set you in the right mood. Simply connect it to your network and listen to all your streaming services wirelessly.


Set daybreak on a timer

Block-out roller blinds can both give you better sleep and a more pleasant start to the day. Set the timer on the IKEA Home smart app, and your electric blinds will roll up automatically when it’s time to roll out of bed.


“ All homes contain dust particles, and today when we spend more time indoors, they can lead to allergic reactions and bad sleep. ”

David Wahl
Product Designer at IKEA

Start the day off right

This is how you wake up, this is how you spend the day. Start the day well with this alarm clock, you can regulate the light and the volume so that they increase little by little.


Bedroom ideas

Welcome. Your baby's room

Pronto, tu bebé llegará a casa... ¡y con él toda la ilusión del mundo! Ahora para ti es fundamental saber que se sentirá protegido en el entorno que le has preparado con tiempo, dedicación y mucho cariño.

Crecer con buenas rutinas de descanso

Descansar bien es importante, así como aprender buenos hábitos de descanso de cara al futuro. Apuesta por una distribución que deje los dispositivos fuera de su alcance y les ayude a relajarse, quizás con un poco de música o un buen libro.

Sharing a small place with roomates

Shared housing can have its challenges, but with a little creativity, colour coding, extendable functions and other smart solutions, one room can work just fine for three. Or even more than that, when you have friends staying over.

Galería de inspiración para tu dormitorio

Don't miss a lot of tips, ideas and inspiration to find everything you need to have the perfect night, every night.

Guía de compra. Tu cama en 5 sencillos pasos

In this guide we're going to review five important points that you should take into account. Measurements, frame, mattress and those elements that will provide comfort as well.