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You may have been thinking more about the state of the worldlately. And this may have got you thinking about how you cancontribute to the health and well-being of not only you, yourfamily and your friends, but the planet too. Well, here you’llfind new products (and a few old favourites) that have beendeveloped with the good of the planet firmly in mind. Makingmore sustainable choices has never been easier.

A kinder door

Turn your shelves into a wardrobe and do the planet a favour while you’re at it. As you might have guessed, IVAR bamboo doors are made from bamboo, which is actually a type of grass - a grass that grows many times faster than your average lawn. So fast in fact that calling it a “renewable resource” is almost an understatement

Recycled so you can refresh

FRIHETEN sofa cover won’t just make your sofa softer, it’ll make it more sustainable too. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it’s just one of the IKEA products that that give waste a second life.

Plush plastic with a smaller footprint

VINDKAST lamp is made of 100% recycled polyester. That may not sound very cosy, but the material is actually very soft with a nice feel that’s perfect in a bedroom - or anywhere you want to make a bit of a design statement while adding a touch of softness


A bed that grows with them

Kids grow, which is good, but not so good for your budget. Back in the day you’d have to buy a new bed every few years. No longer thanks to SUNDVIK children’s bed! SUNDVIK is extendable which means it will stick with your littlies as they grow into biggies – and give your wallet a bit of a rest too.



Sliding door open cabinet






Ceiling Lamp

A more sustainable plastic bag?

ISTAD BAGS are not your average bag. They’re made of 85% renewable material including sugar cane. They’re also reusable. And resealable. And recyclable. That’s a lot of “re’s” but they all add up to a better choice for your kitchen.

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