If you're setting your office but you have a tight budget, don't worry, at IKEA we have everything you need so you don't have to give up anything. Versatile furniture, smart combinations, LED lighting and many solutions that adapt to your style and also to your pocket.
LINNMON tabletops match perfectly with a great selection of legs and trestles. They're durable, versatile and environmentally friendly.
KALLAX desk and storage combinations are perfect to save space and have everything always at hand.
Desk combination


Swivel chair with pad

Desk chair


And now, get comfortable

Our work chairs help you focus better, always preventing bad postures. Discover our swivel chairs, of adjustable height and with the lumbar support you need.



What you need, always at hand

When it comes to organizing your workspace, it's important that you those things you use the most always at hand. SKÅDIS pegboards are easy to hang wherever you want, and you can complete them with many practical accessories.

KALLAX shelving units are solid, durable and perfect room dividers. Also, you can use them to keep your files, place a printer or complete them with storage accessories.

Don't forget the coffee break

Putting some tables together, any corner of your office can quickly turn into the place where you can disconnect for a while. Place the rest area near the kitchen and you'll have a dining room. Also, when you finish, your dining room table can turn into a meeting one.



Some brilliant ideas

At IKEA we have table lamps that adapt to your style, providing you the perfect light for each moment. Flexible arms so you direct the light exactly there you need and LED bulbs that take care of the environment and help you save too.

At IKEA we have a looot more inspiration for you

Decoration ideas

A lot of ideas, tricks and inspiration to make your life more beautiful.

Get inspired!
Do you need extra help?

If you need help to finance your dreams, or if you just need a helping hand for assembling it.

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Buy as many items as you want with the parcel symbol and receive them at home.

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The majority of our items are packaged flat to facilitate transportation and for you to be able to take them home easily. If u prefer, we can take it home.

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