Choosing bedding correctly can influence the way we sleep. If we choose the right measures, materials and even the right colors, we will rest better every night and wake up with more energy to face the day to day. Here you will find some tips to help you choose the bedding that best suits the way you sleep.

First, measurements

It may seem obvious, but the first thing we must do before choosing our bedding is to measure our mattress. There are many sizes, so we must be clear about the measurements of our mattress and pay attention to the labels of the products we want to buy.

On the labels of top sheets and duvet covers we indicate the measurements of the sheet or cover, not  of the bed. This is why we recommend you take a look at the symbols found on the label. You will be able to clearly differentiate between items for twin beds and items for full, queen and king beds.

Look at thread count

The higher the number of threads per inch, the higher the density and resistance of the fabric and, therefore, the higher the quality is. The thread count of a standard sheet is around 120 per square inch. It is recommended to choose those from 200 and above so that quality starts to be really good. So now you know, if in doubt, always look at thread count.

Choose the material of your bedding

Lyocell, cotton or polyester. Choosing the material for your bedding is an important decision. Polyester is the most affordable material and you can usually find it mixed with cotton. This blend makes your bedding wrinkle less.

In some cases you will see that we mix cotton with lyocell, a cellulose fiber obtained from wood. This material is renewable and more sustainable than cotton, and the blend makes very soft sheets that absorb moisture and keep a dry sleeping environment throughout the night.

Cotton is the star material because it is soft, breathable and pleasant to the touch. Most of our bedding is 100% sustainable cotton, meaning that it is recycled and grown with less water, pesticide and fertilizer consumption.

Color influences comfort and quality

White bedding, which does not need to be treated with dyes, maintains cotton fibers better and it is also more environmentally friendly. But if there is one way to decorate your bedroom on a budget, is with textiles. Sheets and duvet covers in bright colors and cheerful prints give your bedroom a more personal touch, filling it with light, calm or whatever you want to fill it with.

At IKEA you will find a wide range or colors and designs for your bedding, combine them as you like and create a place where you feel good.

And now, the duvet

It is time to make the most important decision, the duvet. At IKEA we know that rest is something very personal, this is why we have duvets for all kinds of dreamers. Here are some ideas to help you choose your ideal duvet.

First, temperature: If you are a hot sleeper, choose a fresh duvet. They are thinner and with less filling, perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you are a cold sleeper, choose a warm duvet with more filling, thicker and warmer. Personalized comfort for the place of your dreams!
Materials are also important when making your decision. Lyocell absorbs moisture, creates a dry and comfortable environment and helps you keep a pleasant and uniform temperature. Polyester, on its part, is a very easy-care fabric and it is also mite resistant. Feather has a high thermal storage capacity, it is insulating and very breathable. Lastly, down is lighter and fluffier than feather, perfect for a cozy night’s sleep.

A pillow for better sleep

We know that each person sleeps in their own way, this is why we have designed pillows that adapt to different resting positions. No matter if you sleep on your back, side or stomach, we guarantee you a good night’s sleep every night. We have high, low or ergonomic pillows; different materials and pillow protectors so you can always keep it clean and fresh.

Pillows for back sleepers

They have a little pocket that gives excellent support to your shoulders and neck. Your head will rest perfectly. Just relax.

Pillows for side sleepers

Neither too hard nor too soft, so you can rest your head and neck comfortably. Do not be fooled by its appearance, these pillows will take you to a dream paradise.

A bit of everything

Are you curious about what it would feel like to sleep on a cloud? The shape of these pillows turns them into a very comfortable solution no matter how you sleep.

Synthetic pillows

Pillows made of synthetic materials are the right choice for those who, for example, suffer from allergies. They are also very easy to wash.

Feather and dawn pillows

Feel the true pleasure of nature with these pillows made of natural materials. Feather and down pillows are very comfortable and provide a cozy rest to your head.

Ergonomic pillows

Get the benefits of a restful sleep with our ergonomic pillows. When the neck and head rest on a good pillow, you sleep better.

Always protect your mattress

Mattress protectors are a good way to protect it from stains and dirt, extending the life of your mattress. Protectors stay in place thanks to their elastic corners, and most of them are waterproof for an optimal protection. Also, you can machine wash them whenever you need to.

Mattress pads are another good option, ideal for adding extra comfort to your mattress and, at the same time, preventing their wear and tear.

Some washing tips

To make your bedding last longer and retain its quality, always follow the washing instructions for each textile, because the care may vary depending on the material. We recommend that you wash your bedding at 60º and not to overdo it with the amount of detergent, because the quality of the textile may be affected if it is not rinsed properly. We also do not recommend using bleach or whitening products, as they can damage the fabrics. And please, always follow the maintenance symbols that we explain bellow.