The curtains and blinds definite guide

Welcome to the IKEA curtains and blinds guide! We have a lot of ideas and inspiration so you can control light and decorate spaces at the same time. When choosing your curtains and blinds, you must take into account the type of windows and their closings, the type of walls and, specially, the amount of light you get. Choose as well the right type of fabric, taking into account the privacy you might need and the style you want to give to the space. Let's start! 

Dress your windows with style

Whether they are opaque blinds or curtains, a simple panel or a set for the corner, you can find all our solutions in a huge variety of colors and styles.

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The first step to make sure your privacy and protect yourself from the sun's glare is choosing the right curtains or blinds. The key is finding the solutions that best adapts to your needs.

Personalize your curtains following these 4 steps

Choose your ideal curtain in 4 steps: select the perfect system (either rod or rail), decide where you are going to place them (ceiling or wall), add the finishes (you have complete systems or you can complete yourself) that you like the most and, finally, choose the curtains that best suit your style.

1. The system

2. Ceiling or wall

3. The finishings

4. The curtains

Practical tips to choose lengths, improve your home and sleep better 

If you want to learn how to choose the right lengths for your curtains, how to improve even more your home with curtains and blinds, or how to avoid the light from enetering in order to sleep better, we recommend you read these articles. In them you will find practical tips, design ideas and suggestions as to how select the right type of curtains and blinds for your home.

How to select the length of your curtains.

Block out the light and sleep better.

Improve even more your home with curtains and blinds.

How to choose the right curtains for each room

Choosing curtains for your bedroom, living room or kitchen can be difficult, but it really isn't. We make it easier for you with some practical tips that will help your find the ideal solution for each space.

Window solution for the bedroom

Depending on whether your bedroom faces the east or the west, you will get rays of sunlight in the morning or in the afternoon. In any case, and to make sure the light does not wake you ahead of time, choose thick and opaque curtains or blinds.

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Adding roller blinds behind your curtains in a matching color, will give your bedroom a feeling of depth, giving you an elegant and sofisticated style.

Window solutions for the living room

If your living room faces east, the glare of the sun could ruin your series marathon. So consider using blackout curtains, which will allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room and enjoy your favorite shows and movies without distractions. If the reflections on your television are not bothersome, consider the option of translucent curtains that allow daylight to pass through.

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Try a printed curtain that matches your living room to add a decorative touch. Explore our wide variety of available options!

Window solutions for the bathroom and the kitchen

Curtains are an excelent option for your kitchen, since they can be cleaned easily in case of splatters. Besides, you can match them with an attractive skirt to add a decorative touch to your kitchen.

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When you choose curtains for the bathroom, is importat to consider privacy. Choose curtains that cover completely the bathroom window, but that allows the natural light during the day.

Curtains, panels and roller blinds. Everything to embellish your windows

Don't miss our selection of curtains, panels and roller blinds designed to decorate any corner of your house, giving it the right environment for little money. Choose your favorites!

Measure your windows

The first step is measuring your window. Measure the width and height, always from the window frame. Add 15cm to the width of each side, if there isn't a adjacent wall. The total width will be final measure of your curtain, blind or net curtain. Besides, this measure will guide you when choosing the rail or bar that better adapts to your space.

When it comes to roller blinds, add at least 7 centimeters to each side of the window. This will allow the blind to extend rightly and cover all the window without leaving open spaces.

Choose your favorite solution

Combine roller blinds, curtains, panels or fabrics to achieve a cozier environment that changes any time you like. Put your curtains, fabrics or roller blinds on the ceiling or fix them to the wall, forming one, two or three different layers.

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You can hang curtains bars to the wall or the ceiling, and adjust the position of the support so the curtains hang nearer or furthest to the window.

New areas in your kitchen with curtains

With a beautiful opaque curtain, you can create the feeling of two unique and private spaces in the same room. Is a great option to create a little office in the living room or to give your children a little bit of space to theirselves while they share their room.

To use a long curtain as a divider, you have to put a bar or a rail on the ceiling. Put it wherever you want the curtain to divide. Then you just have to hang the curtain, and that's it!