We are going to help you turn your living room into an even more comfortable and cozy place. A practical space to enjoy family life together. Because your life happens around the table, and at IKEA we are experts in decorating your life.
Shall we start?


Elements and spaces

Not every house has a dining room per se. Spanish families usually use a space in the kitchen, the living room or both as a dining room. We regularly use the kitchen for informal dinners, as a family or with friends and leave the living room for more special events such as birthdays, Christmas or celebrations with guests.

No matter what your case is, it is important that you are aware of the main elements as well as the space you have to set them out.

Some tips about the space

We already know the main elements of our dining room set. Depending on the space we have available and the area of the house where we want to place it, we will choose our dining room, its design and functionalities. We are going to tell you some points to consider when you make this choice.

It is necessary to determine the space so the table has the right size to allow diners to stand up easily. Leave at least a meter and a half between the table and the wall or between the table and the furniture around it.

Do not place more chairs than necessary. You should consider how many people will sit around the table on a daily basis. To make sure that everyone enjoys the feast, we recommend to leave a meter and a half between chairs, this way you can add an extra chair if more guests show up.

If you go for an extendable table, which we will talk about more below, make sure that you have that extra space necessary to open it and fit more people.


Other interesting options

Benches are a good option, specially when there are small ones in the house. A bench is perfect to make the most of space and gain more seats. EKEDALEN benches are very easy to match with tables and chairs of the same series.

Swivel chairs, such as TOSSBERG, have a really comfortable and ergonomic seat. They allow you to move easily and you can also adjust the reclining mechanism with an Allen key to adapt them to your weight and movements.


Everyday style and personality

The dining room is one of those common areas of the house where we get together to talk about how our day went while having dinner. To keep this space alive, at IKEA we offer you a big range of different styles that match any home. Sometimes, it is enough to look for some inspiration, because some small changes can be enough to achieve a completely new and unique style.