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Imagine waking up while the roller blinds of your room go up slowly, your favorite music is on sounding softly on the speakers and the lamps are lighting gradually all the space. Imagine your smart home starting the day at the same time you do. Wireless, and without complications. Now the DIRIGERA hub, along with the IKEA Home smart app, will make your life at home easier.

DIRIGERA, for a smarter home

The DIRIGERA hub will change the center of your smart home because it allows you to connect and control several devices through the IKEA Home smart app. Roller blinds that go up automatically, Wi-Fi speakers or lamps that change colors with just a touch. Besides, these smart items have been designed to perfectly fit the decoration of your home, combining with the rest of the furniture.

Make the best of all the possibilities that DIRIGERA and IKEA Home smart give you

A lot of smart solutions that mix, easily and in an intuitive and accessible way, the best of technology and life at home. A better way of waking up, more calmer mornings or nights with a deeper sleep, are some of the advantages that you will get out of the devices that make a positive impact in your daily routines.

Always at hand, always connected

Sound, lighting, smart blinds… The new DIRIGERA hub will allow you to connect simply and simultaneously to a wide range of smart items. There are several ways to control your Smart home. You can control each device individually or all together, easily, and in an accessible way with the new hub DIRIGERA.

The DIRIGERA hub allows you to control devices through your phone, but also will let you share control with your visits or any person that wants to control the smart devices using remote controls or voice commands thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

A smart home at everyone’s reach

We know that, sometimes, talking about smart homes can sometimes sound a little complicated. But believe us, it doesn’t have to be. At IKEA we work every day using our experience at home to get smart solutions at everyone’s reach. Items that are easy to set up and use, designed for people like you.

At IKEA we’re convinced that a Smart Home must be for everyone. That’s why we have created the IKEA Home smart app, a simple solution, inclusive and very intuitive with which, no matter the way you are, you will be able to enjoy the Smart home at home.

The perfect “environment”, whenever you want

Have you found the perfect combination of music and lighting? Save as Environment the IKEA Home smart app and use it again anytime you want with just a click.

The Environments allow you to control different smart devices individually or in groups to create automatized patterns that you can use during the day. You can also activate Environments manually with the IKEA Home smart app or program them, so they activate automatically, for example, to turn on the lights or make the roller blinds go down while you’re outside your home.

Keep that dim tone you like and the right volume of the music and activate the Environment to relax when arriving home. When going out, turn off all the lights and smart items with just a click.

If you want to use the voice assistant, you can connect to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant through the integrations of the IKEA Home smart app.

IKEA Home smart, an app to control everything

We have put all our experience in furniture and decoration at the service of the latest technology, the result is a digital experience, simple and practical, that will allow you to use a lot of smart devices and enjoy of a better day-to-day at home.

To start using the DIRIGERA hub on your Smart home, download the IKEA Home smart app and check the detailed guide that you will find in the app. You can control the Smart home from one or several phones or tablets, you just have to download the app on your device.

If you want to use the voice assistant, you can connect to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant through the integrations of the IKEA Home smart app.

Remember that we are still improving and actualizing all the time our IKEA Smart home app with new functions so you can enjoy your Smart home always up to date.