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Choose one if the many PAX combinations that we have designed for you, or dare to design a custom-built wardrobe. With PAX you can choose from the size of the structures to the inside lighting, passing through color, type of doors and handles or the quantity of drawers, shelves or shoe cabinets you need. Shall we start?

Step 1. Choose the structures

To start, you must measure the space available for your PAX warrobe. Measure from the floor to the ceiling, and from wall to wall. Remember that structures are available in two heights: 201cm y 236cm. If you are going to put doors with hinges, you must always leave a space of 1cm to the ceiling. If you are going to put sliding doors, the space between your wardrobe and the ceiling must be of 4cm.

You will find PAX strcutures of different widths: 50cm, 75cm y 100cm; and in two different depths: 35cm y 58cm.

Besides, you can choose between three different colors for your PAX structures: white, double stained or dark gray.

Step 2. Choose the doors, knobs and handles

Now that you have the structure, we are going to choose between a huge variety of sliding doors or doors with hinges. Sliding doors with soft closing are perfect when you have little space in your bedroom, you can find them in different finishes and even with a mirror. Doors with hinges, with a width of 25cm and 50cm, will be perfect when you complete the structure with knobs or handles that you will find IKEA. Knobs and handles will give a personal touch to your wardrobe, and you can change them when you want to renovate it. 

Step 3: Choose the inside organization

When you design the inside of your PAX wardrobe you will find drawers, shelves, shoe cabinets, trays for jewels, removable hangers and a lot of KOMPLEMENT accessories to organize your clothes wonderfully.

Choose well what type of inside organizer you are going to need based on the type of clothes, quantity of shoes you have or if you prefer to fold or hang the shirts. 

Step 4: Chosee the inside lighting

The final touch for your wardrobe can be adding some lighting. You will see better the clothes when you wake up before the sun rises, or when you need to open the wardrobe without switching on the bedroom light.

You will find a lot of options of inside lighting, from LED strips with a sensor that switches on when you open the doors, to lights you can control with IKEA Home Smart.

Step 5: Purchase the PAX planner

If you are thinking on designing your wardrobe, the PAX storage planner is your ideal tool. You can see how the structures you have chosen look like, choose colors or types of doors, put handles or see how the lighting looks on a virtual room.

You can add the items to your shopping cart and get them comfortably at home.