LILLREVET shower hose
LILLREVET shower hose
LILLREVET shower hose
LILLREVET shower hose
Shower hose, white, 59 "


NWE 004.084.38
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Key features

3-year warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.


IKEA of Sweden

Everything you need for a great shower experience

Our shower range offers everything you need for a pleasant shower. The thermostatic shower faucets come with “cold touch”and anti-scald technology. The shower head and hand showers come with different spray functions and a pressure compensating function that reduces water- and energy-use by up to 30%. There is a range of coordinated bathroom accessories that keep all those bottles off the floor. Add to this, a 10-year limited warranty on the thermostatic shower faucets and a 3-year limited warranty on riser rails, hoses, head and hand showers.

You don’t have to spend more to save on water and energy

LILLREVET hand shower may cost less, but just like all our head/hand showers, it has a small pressure compensating washer (PCW) that reduces water flow while maintaining the pressure. This means you save up to 30% in water and energy every time you turn on the shower. It’s a small part of our bigger effort to conserve more clean water than we use by 2020. And every water-saving action adds up.


Assembled size

Length:59 "
Measurement Illustration - LILLREVET shower hose

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 7 ¾ "
Width: 6 ¾ "
Height: 1 "
Weight Gross: 3 oz
Weight Net: 3 oz
Volume per package: 0.03 cu.ft


Inner hose:
Outer hose:
PET plastic
ABS plastic


As a part of our effort to phase out hazardous materials from our products, we made our shower hoses PVC-free. In fact, all IKEA products are PVC-free except for cords in electrical products.