1. PROMOTION SPONSOR: SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC (“IKEA”) (hereinafter referred to as “The Organizers”) will carry out the promotion that will be called “INTERNET WEEKEND” (hereinafter referred to as “the Promotion”), which will be governed by the bases established in the this document (hereinafter referred to as "The Bases of the Promotion").

2. THE ORGANIZERS/CONTACT INFORMATION: SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC. (IKEA) Address: Warehouse Plaza 3, lot 1, Ramal 887, Bo. Martín González, Carolina, PR 00984. PO BOX: PMB #106 PO BOX 8700 Carolina, PR 00988-8700. WEB:IKEA.pr

3. DURATION AND TERRITORIAL SCOPE OF THE PROMOTION: This Promotion will be valid in the Island of Puerto Rico of the22.05.23 to 04.06.23”. (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion Period")

4. DYNAMICS OF THE PROMOTION AND PARTICIPANTS: ALL PURCHASES PARTICIPATE WITH THE MINIMUM PURCHASE US$:_0__. All natural persons of legal age who make and pay for the purchase both online on the portalwww.ikea.pr or in the IKEA Inspire appof IKEA items such as the IKEA Store and Points in Puerto Rico,excluding transport and assembly services will receive aPURCHASE CHECK (20%)of the value of your invoice in a Purchase Check to be used online or in any of the stores. Valid promotion from 22.05.23 to 04.06.23 for a minimum purchase of $150 dollars.

Promotion Comments Purchase Check (deducting legal taxes) Promotion Effective Date Redemption Date Purchase Check or Gift Check
20% Purchase Voucher in the KALLAX PA215 series from 05.22.23 to 06.04.23” Minimum amount:

Assembly, installation, opportunity items and display items.
twenty%purchase check from 22.05.23 to 04.06.23 from 06.05.23 to 06.18.23


a) PROMOTION CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER PURCHASE CHECK PROMOTIONS: if two more promotions of this type coincide on the same purchase invoice, you will receive by email the purchase check for the highest amount that you can consume through your store, IKEA point or on the web. The purchase check will not be refundable or reactivated or transferable to any person.

b) The customer will receive the purchase voucher via emailonce the purchase invoice has been issued and validated and/or confirmed.

c) Redemption date of the Purchase Checks: The date range in which the customer can use said check in the online and/or face-to-face channel (store or delivery point) covers from 06.05.23 to 06.18.23

d) The purchase check will be calculated on the total value of the purchase, excluding the application of contracted services (transportation and/or assembly).

e) Online purchase check promotions may in some cases be subject to special conditions such as minimum purchase or purchase of specific items. These conditions will be reflected in the promotion and in the particular bases of the promotion. Redeeming a purchase check online never generates another purchase check.

f) THE ORGANIZERS may cancel the promotion, modify the dates, the terms and conditions of these promotion bases, as well as the prizes presented, at any time for justified cause. In case of cancellation or changes in the promotion, it will be notified on our website www.ikea.pr

g) Before the return of the purchase made containing items object of this promotion, the credit note will not include the percentage as appropriate and as specified in "point 4" of these bases.

6. PRIZE: A Purchase Voucher for the value of the twenty % of the invoice for the online purchase of IKEA itemsin a Purchase Check to be used online or in person in IKEA Points.

7. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The personal data that customers provide to participate in this Promotion will remainincorporated into the data file called "PROMOCIONES", owned by SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC (IKEA). Address: Warehouse Plaza 3, lot 1, Ramal 887, Bo. Martín González, Carolina, PR 00984. PO BOX: PMB #106. PO BOX 8700 Carolina, PR 00988-8700.

8. ACCEPTANCE OF THE PRESENT RULES: The mere participation in the Promotion supposes the acceptance of the present bases of the same and also the consent by virtue of the Law of Notification of Privacy Policy, LAW NUM. 39 OF JANUARY 24, 2012, by the participants that the registered data may be used by SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC / IKEA-PR to communicate other campaigns or promotions, without the need to expressly consent in writing to the use of their personal information for these purposes. In case of doubts or discrepancies in the interpretation of these bases, they will be referred to the applicable law in Puerto Rico. The bases will be available during the period in which the Promotion is in force on the webwww.ikea.pr.

9. GENERAL: THE ORGANIZERS may disqualify and/or exclude from the promotion those clients who have directly or indirectly altered, breached or violated the rules established in these Promotion Bases.

10. APPLICABLE LEGISLATION: This promotion is governed by the legislation in force in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, inspecial Regulation of Commercial Practices No. 9158 dated February 6, 2020 and these bases.