We have learned a great deal in the past year. We have learned that sometimes, taking life slowly can make us happy, that life is more beautiful when we relax and seek pleasure in the small things. We have learned that we can live the best of times inside the house, that we eat better when we cook together, that we sleep better if we exercise and that intimacy can be found inside a bubble bath.

This year your home has been more important than ever. And we will continue helping you to fill it with light and decorate every corner so your dreams come to life, making your days even more beautiful. Are you coming?

Your bathroom,
your wellbeing

We all love going to the beauty salon, but can you imagine having one in your own home? Your bathroom can now become that place full of light and glamour where you can start you day big or get ready to have a great time. Here we show you some simple ideas to turn your most intimate space into an even more beautiful one.

> Relax more

Your bedroom,
your wellbeing

Softer textiles, natural materials, curtains that let the right amount of light in, a comfortable bed, the perfect pillow and each thing in its place. A shelter for a good night’s sleep and for waking up even better, a bedroom that fits you, full of quiet mornings.

> Sleep better

Your living room,
your wellbeing

Imagine a space designed for your family. A living room where you can get comfortable together while watching a series, practicing yoga with relaxing music in the background or playing with your children on a typical morning. A bright, comfortable and safe space for spending quality time together and enjoying the beauty of every day life.


> Enjoy every day

Your kitchen,
your wellbeing

During these months we have all become more acquainted with our kitchen. We have learned that eating healthy is easier than we thought, because by cooking together and spending just a little longer making dinner, we can enjoy healthy and delicious food. Your health begins here, in the heart of your home. This is why we are going to help you tidy it up, store food and, why not, create a small herbal orchard as well.

> Eat better

Your workspace,
your wellbeing

Having a workspace at home where you can feel comfortable, with everything you need at hand. A place where you can enjoy those inspirational moments, even if they arrive at 3 in the morning.

> Work better

Your balcony,
your wellbeing

A small balcony has never been bigger. Going outside, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath of fresh air. Having breakfast under the first rays of sun, exercising or simply watering the plants. We now know that your balcony, terrace of garden is a treasure, and at IKEA we have everything you need to care for it as it deserves.

> Go to the balcony more often

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