One bedroom is transformed into two separate spaces for kids to enjoy privacy and independence whilst still having a connection. By dividing the room with curtains and walls, adding clever storage solutions and creative designs for each unique personality, your kids can get the best of both worlds.

A shared space with two looks

Adding a room divider and curtains to separate the room, the kids get their own place to hang out that’s unique to them. By creating two distinct areas for each child, you can let the kids put their stamp on their “zone” and decorate it to cater to their own interests and personal taste.

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It`s in the details

A foldable mattres can be used as extra seating or a bed for sleepover, and a wardrove and chest of drawers provices additional storage space for personal ítems and clothing. Posters on the wall make it easy to add some colourful artwork and big fluffy lamps add some fun personality to the space.

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Another place to chill

Maximise the space above the bed and give your kid and extra place to hang out by sticking artwork or adding a shelf high up on the wall. For extra den-appeal, mix purple, black and pink textiles to give a fun look that’s not too childish, then finish with soft, comfy cushions in colours that pop.

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Privacy at the pull of a curtain

A flexible alternative to a wall, curtains create a prívate area for study, me-time, or a place to get dressed with a floor lenght mirror and lamp. When siblings need to sleep, use headphones to keep the sound down and draw the curtains to block out the light.

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Play with light and color

For a fun way to create atmosphere and change up the mood, you can play with the lighting. These pendant lamps with Home Smart lighting or switch between coluours to suit what they are doing, listening to music, studying, or having a gaming maratón.

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A place to inspire Young minds

Whether its painting landscapes, studying fossils or doing homework, having a space for your child to ge tinto flow helps to support their interests. Add a comfy chair and sturdy desk with plenty of light and you have a creative and calm space to help them focus.

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Time together and apart

This bunkbed allows the kids to be together when they want, then spend time alone if they need privacy. We’ve put up a plywood wall next to the bed, then cut out a hole in the lower part for easy Access to the other side. Each bunk is decorated with textiles that cater to your kids` unique tastes.

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Rug, black/gray, 105x160 cm


Cushion cover, purple/patterned, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "


Rug, hedgehog shaped/brown


Cushion, cylinder shaped/light gray


Desk with pull-out storage unit, white, 120x58 cm | 47 1/4x22 7/8 "


Soft toy with astronaut suit, rabbit


Musical toy, caterpillar


Desk, white, 96x58 cm | 37 3/4x22 7/8 "


Gaming mouse pad, black/gray patterned, 40x80 cm | 15 3/4x31 1/2 "


Soft toy, alien/green

Previous price: $9.99


Book display with storage, white


Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), Twin, 152 threads, purple/black patterned


LED work lamp, black/silver color

Previous price: $18.99


Storage box with lid, white, 32x35x32 cm | 12 ½x13 ¾x12 ½ "


Storage box with lid, white, 25x35x20 cm | 9 ¾x13 ¾x7 ¾ "


Cushion cover, black, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $3.99


Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), Twin, 152 threads, green/patterned


Cushion cover, pink, 20x20 "


Swivel chair, white/Vissle light gray

Previous price: $99


Storage bag, braided/green


Headset stand, ash veneer


Mirror, Ø15 "


3-drawer chest, white

Previous price: $89