To handle the high traffic of living with children, a good hallway needs generous and durable storage at the right height to work for all ages. Here are some tips and ideas to help keep things accessible, easily organised and fl owing beautifully.

Seat and storage combo

Benches with storage inside are easy to reach for everyone in the family and perfect for all those things you want close at hand but out of sight. Also, it’s always helpful for kids to have somewhere to sit when they tie their shoes.

The main storage station

You can fi t more than you think into a limited space with a wall-mounted storage system. It’s easy customising things to your needs and the space you have available, giving each family member plenty of easy-reach storage.

Just bag it up

A laundry bag or two in the hallway gives you handy storage for anything from gloves and beanies to slippers and sneakers, or even helmets and sports equipment. This one has a plastic coating on the inside that protects against moisture and makes it easy to clean now and then.

The first place to look

Pegboards in the hallway are great for keeping track of keys, glasses, chargers and other small things. Arrange hooks, holders, shelves, clips, containers and baskets as you like. Leaving some room for notes and schedules also helps your days fl ow nicely.


Hang-it-all storage wall

Rails with hooks put your walls to good use and give you fl exible storage for headphones, hats, helmets and loads more. A few rows of hanging baskets are also a smart add-on for convenient small storage.

Freeing up the floor

Being a family usually means lots of shoes. So, closed storage to hide some of them away in is a good idea. These shallow shoe cabinets are ideal even in smaller hallways as they don’t take much fl oor space. The top surface can also be used as a shelf for storing this and that.


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Shoe rack, black, 58x27x17 cm | 22 7/8x10 5/8x6 3/4 "


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Shoe/storage cabinet, white, 52x18x39 cm | 20 1/2x7 1/8x15 3/8 "

$49 / 2 pack

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Rug, flatwoven, 80x150 cm | 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 ", natural


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Rug, 55x85 cm | 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 ", white


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Pegboard combination, white, 76x56 cm | 30x22 "

Previous price: $35.72


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S-hook, white

$3.99 / 5 pack

Hanging basket, jute


Bench with storage, handmade rattan, 120 cm | 47 ¼ "

Previous price: $195


Rail, birch

Previous price: $6.99


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Cushion cover, off-white/dot pattern black, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $5.99


Cushion cover, light beige, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "

Previous price: $6.99


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Mirror, 19 5/8x43 1/4 ", wall hanging/green

Previous price: $59


Clothes bar, white, 60-90 cm | 23 5/8-35 3/8 "


Hanger, natural

$8.99 / 8 pack

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Hanger, white

Previous price: $12.99


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Basket hanging, set of 2, handmade bamboo