Do you want to sleep better or give your bed a quick makeover? Just as we update our wardrobes for the summer, your bedroom deserves an outfit change too. From crisp sheets to soft rugs, cushions to curtains, you can make your bedroom better in easy, budget-friendly ways with home textiles.

Bedding to dream in all night

Not surprisingly, bedding is very important in your bedroom. You can find lots of options that help you stay comfortable and fresh so you can sleep well. They’re all made in a responsible way from carefully chosen materials so you can trust them close to your skin, all night.

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Style and more with cushions

When you sit up in bed, to read for example, cushions can give you the extra support you need to get comfortable. They also help you create the look that you want. And getting new cushions or just cushion covers is an easy way to refresh your bedroom whenever you feel like it.

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A big effect with a bedspread

With bedspreads, you can add extra warmth and make a big impact on the look of your bedroom. And like with cushions, you can freshen things up a lot just by changing your bedspread. There are plenty of different colours and materials to help you suit your style.

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Your personal sleeping comfort

Duvets and pillows are all about you being comfortable so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed. There are a lot of options to help you find what’s best for you – pillows for side, back and stomach sleepers, duvets for all seasons of the year, materials including down and feathers and much more.

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An upgrade your feet will love

Something soft and warm to put your bare feet on could be just the thing to help you get out of bed, especially on chilly mornings. And of course, you can give a boost to any room with a rug. Storage boxes under your bed? Pulling them out is easier if your rug isn’t so thick – a low pile one, for example.

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Lace curtains, 1 pair
white, 110x98 "

$4.49/ 2 piece

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New lower price
Room darkening curtains, 1 pair
white, 57x98 "
Previous price: $32.99
$29 / 2 piece

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Translucent curtain, pair
white, 57x98 "


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New lower price
Soft toy
Previous price: $14.99
Queen, 152 threads, white

$4.49/ 2 pack

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Pillow, high


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Pillow, low


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Fitted sheet
King, 310 threads, white


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New lower price
Soft toy
dog/golden retriever
Previous price: $24.99

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Duvet cover and pillowcase(s)
King, 310 threads, dark gray


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Comforter, light warm
King, filling weight 34oz


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Extensible bed frame with slatted bed base


New lower price
Floor/reading lamp
Previous price: $59
Queen bed
Gunnared dark gray


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light pink, Ø16 "


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harlequin pattern/multicolor, 130x160 cm |


New lower price
Pendant lamp 20 "
Previous price: $39.99