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Pine can be enjoyed untreated, like this IVAR cabinet, or painted, varnished or stained as you prefer thanks to its surface. One of the reasons to love pine is that every part can be used, including the sawdust. From big, solid pieces to veneer, plywood, particle board and more – it’s such a versatile material.

Mixing furniture materials for an interesting look

By their very nature, natural materials such as wood and certain textiles can make a space feel warmer. To create a feel with a bit more edge or interest, consider choosing pieces that mix materials, like the cool steel and warmer rattan of this armchair. The juxtaposition is both attractive and intriguing.

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Closed wall storage that’s just for me

Closed wall storage close to the kitchen has been divided equally giving each housemate an individual space for more personal kitchen items, such as a delicious treat or special glassware.

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Tips and ideas for waste sorting in the kitchen

Handling waste sorting in the kitchen requires handy and hygienic solutions that help you keep up with the everyday flow of recyclables, packaging, paper and organic waste. Here are a few tips for making it all a bit more manageable.

The main sorting station

Large containers like these waste sorting bins with lids are perfect for taking care of the bulkier waste from the kitchen – packaging of all kinds, glass, metal, paper etc. The large flip-top lids make them easy to access even with your hands full and the durable plastic is easy to keep clean.

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Wall cabinet with doors, pine


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Wall cabinet with doors, pine


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Shelf unit with doors, pine, indoor, 89x30x124 cm | 35x11 3/4x48 7/8 "


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Vase, clear glass


Vase, set of 3, clear glass

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Recycling bin with lid, white, 37L | 10 gallon


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Stool, birch

Previous price: $27.99


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Rug, flatwoven, 70x160 cm | 2 ' 4 "x5 ' 3 ", handmade natural/multicolor


Armchair, rattan/anthracite


Box, white




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