TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven
Rug, flatwoven, multicolor


XSLZ 105.517.65
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This striped rug in cheerful colors becomes an obvious centerpiece that makes your room feel vibrant and inviting. Handwoven in 100% durable wool and goes as well by the sofa as under the dining table.
Article no XSLZ 105.517.65

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Key features

Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, and therefore unique.

The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table.

The rug has the same pattern on both sides, so you can turn it over and it will withstand more wear and last even longer.

The rug is made of wool so it’s naturally soil-repellent and very durable.


D ter Haar/C Brach

Good to know

This product has been tested for domestic use.

May be completed with STOPP or STOPP FILT anti-slip/rug underlay for enhanced safety and comfort.

What is wool?

Wool is a practical natural material that usually comes from sheep. The raw wool is washed and then spun into yarn. Wool rugs have many advantages. They're soft, warm and comfortable to walk on, and they're also very hardwearing. They're stain-resistant too, because wool has it own natural oil. This means that dirt stays on the surface and doesn't penetrate into the rug. All wool rugs shed - some more, some less - vacuum them regularly to prevent the loose fibers from scattering.

Designers Daniela ter Haar_Christoph Brach

"The TESAMMANS collection is our invitation to experience and bring color into your home in various ways. We played a lot with the ability of colors to transform objects and mixed bright, saturated shades with more muted ones and then applied them to different materials. A color needs company, and it’s only by interacting with users, objects and other colors that it comes into its own. We hope the collection adds a positive feel and color to people's lives and homes."

The TESAMMANS collection – an interplay of colors and shapes

When creating the TESAMMANS collection, we collaborated with the color experts and design duo Raw Color which comprises of designers Daniela ter Haar and Christoph Brach. Together we explored the emotional aspects of color and how color interactions can be created in a myriad of materials and functions. The result is a colorful collection that goes beyond the expected and elevates simple shapes through playful and sophisticated color combinations.


Assembled size

Length:7 ' 3 "
Width:5 ' 1 "
Area:36.70 sq feet

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 30 "
Width: 16 ½ "
Height: 3 ½ "
Weight Gross: 11 lb 12 oz
Weight Net: 11 lb 7 oz
Volume per package: 1.01 cu.ft


Use surface/ Weft:
100 % wool
100 % cotton
TESAMMANS rug, flatwoven

Care instructions

Airing and vacuuming will help to eliminate the smell that the rug can have when it is new.

Do not wash.

Do not bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron.

Do not dry clean.

Remove dried spots immediately by scraping carefully towards the middle of the spot.

Do not rub wet spots. Absorb moisture with paper towels, and clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Wool rugs shed naturally, so regular vacuuming is recommended.